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School Policies


Hornbill School Arts Policy

Hornbill School Mathematics Policy

Hornbill School Phonics Policy

Hornbill School STEM Policy

Hornbill School Swimming Policy

Hornbill School Non Core Subjects Policy

Hornbill EYFS Policy

Hornbill School EAL Policy


Hornbill School Marking and Feedback Policy

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Health Care Plans

Risk Assessment Policy

Supporting Pupils with Needs

Managing Personal Intimate Care

Pastoral Care

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

E-Safety Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education


Behaviour & Expectations Policy

Star Awards, ClassDojo & Polio Points Policy

Equality and Inclusion

Hornbill School EAL Policy

Accessibility Policy

Disability Access Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Race & Equality Policy

Guide for Parents of LGBT+ Children

DCS Directives

MOD School Setting Safeguarding

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Restrictive Physical Intervention

Supporting Transgender Pupil and Young People

Records Management

Elective Home Education

Social Media

Pupil Exclusion

Water Safety for MOD Schools and Settings

Data Protection within DCS

Complaints Procedure for MOD Schools and Settings

Managing Personal Intimate Care in MOD schools and settings

DCS Complaints Management

Charging for School Activities

Placement out of Chronological Year Group

Retention of Children in MOD Schools

MOD Schools Admissions

MOD Schools and Settings EYFS

MOD Schools Outdoor Learning and School Visits

MOD Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern Policy