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Treetops Setting Dates

First Day of Autumn TermTuesday, 29th August 2023
INSET Day (Setting closure)Friday, 20th October 2023
Setting HolidayMonday, 23rd October 2023 – Friday, 27th October 2023
Last Day of Autumn TermFriday, 15th December 2023

Spring Term 2024

First Day of Spring TermMonday, 8th January 2024
INSET Day (Setting Closure)Thursday, 22nd February 2024 & Friday, 23rd February 2024
Last Day of Spring TermFriday, 22nd March 2024

Summer Term 2024

First Day of Summer TermMonday, 8th April 2024
INSET Day (Setting closure)Friday, 24th May 2024
Setting HolidayMonday, 27th May 2024 – Friday, 31st May 2024
Last Day of Summer Term Friday, 4th August 2024