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Headteacher’s Welcome

Your child is unique and at Hornbill we work hard to discern the needs and abilities of each individual. We believe that the most important thing we can give your child is the sense of belonging within our strong school community.

We are committed to providing your child with a curriculum that inspires and motivates them; a curriculum that is interesting and challenging, one that stimulates young minds and promotes a thirst for learning. We believe in providing an exciting, safe and stimulating environment which enables every child to achieve their best through varied learning experiences so that they can be confident, happy, healthy pupils who are life-long learners. Our aim is that each and every child is given the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their best regardless of their starting points.

What we think is so special about our school is that every child believes they make a difference – and they do. We shall be delighted to introduce you to the staff and especially, to the children who will given you a genuinely warm welcome and the most convincing recommendation of all – their own.